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When Chikankari is the way to go

What’s chikan work or chikankari? When literally translated, it means embroidery, an age old technique which has been going on since the time of Mughals, introduced by Nur Jahan, the empress of Jahangir. One of the finest works to be done over textiles, the detailed and intricate work of chikankari is known for its unique yet delicate designs and patterns …

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Fashion Statement of Casuals-The World of Fashion

The world of fashion involves the blessing of God looks. Everyone wants to maintain their appearance in the most striking manner. This is from where the idea of dress designing came. Nowadays a number of fashion designers are working hard for redefining the trends of your outfits. No matter where you or no matter what the occasion as there is …

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The Most Amazing New Designer Dresses For Women

Hey there! Planning to attend a wedding or social gather at a short notice? Although it is not that easy, but it is real fun. With the wedding season around, you must be looking to buy a designer dress for you. To help you out many fashion designers are designing dresses to suit your requirements for every occasion. These designer …

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6 Attributes Of Fashion

Fashion has different aspects and characteristics which affect our lifestyles in long run. Fashion teaches us different things which help us in different ways, such as; it makes us modern and helps us to understand the importance of change in life. Life is like a stagnant pool if there is no change. Change is the law of nature and fashion …

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Role Of Fashion In Our Daily Lives

There are different things in our lives which are very dear to us; fashion is one of those things which are very dear to us. We all are conscious about our looks, personality, and way of living. Fashion guides us in many ways and we readily accept the current trends in fashion without giving it a second thought. Role of …

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