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When Chikankari is the way to go

What’s chikan work or chikankari? When literally translated, it means embroidery, an age old technique which has been going on since the time of Mughals, introduced by Nur Jahan, the empress of Jahangir. One of the finest works to be done over textiles, the detailed and intricate work of chikankari is known for its unique yet delicate designs and patterns that bring out the feminine factor to even the most basic of outfits and personalities. With its outstanding and perennial white over coloured base affect, the world of chikankari makes you enter into a festive mood almost immediately. Chikankari online in india is now much easier to find, with so many new brands and designers coming out with this age old technique in an all new way. Creating silhouettes that are modern yet chic, modest yet classy, chikankari can be seen beautifully done on tops, dresses, jumpsuits and more.

With the season being all nice and warm, the breeziness of the atmosphere is surely to compliment the breezy and breathable silhouettes perfect for majority of the body types. The most basic step to laying on hands on the perfect outfit for your body is to first know your body-type. Once you have figured out the same, the rest of the tasks become as smooth as a walk on the cake. Figuring out what your body type is makes it easier for you to understand what kind of silhouette works for you and what does not.

For instance, a certain dress and its silhouette might be quite enticing to look at, might look great on a celebrity or your friend, but that does not mean it should look great on your body as well. So to avoid such embarrassing situations where you end up buying something that does not flatter your body, it’s better that you try a few silhouettes to understand what works well in your favour. So, for someone who is short in height, midi dresses can be avoided as they finish somewhere midway through your calves and this in turn tends to make you look much more shorter. To create an illusion of a taller, leaner body, you can opt for a maxi dress or a dress that ends just above the knees, as these will not make you look shorter but give out the illusion of a leaner frame.

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When it comes to picking the right hues for chikankari, there is actually no specific colour that does not look great. Chikankari has the ability to bring out the colours in a way that makes all the colours and its combinations oh-so-beautiful! Whether its towards the pastel side, where the focus is more on lavender, lemon, pistachio, pale blues or pinks, or more on the brighter side of reds, pinks, blue, blacks, maroons or yellow.

Accessorizing is the way to go when finalising your complete look. But with chikankari it’s important to keep things simple and subtle with a hint of chic, as nobody wants to go overboard with their look. Although you can pick a minimalistic necklace to go with your outfits, its rather safe to go for earrings instead that speak well of class and of your personality.

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