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Know how magazines in Hindi help the ladies during their pregnancy

The pregnancy is a unique adventure full of emotions and experiences, but from the moment when you discover you is expecting a baby, especially if you are first -time, thousands of doubts and questions that come to your head: Much Will It Hurt childbirth? Can I eat everything? How will the pregnancy follow up? Is it normal for my feet to swell?  To reassure ourselves and resolve all the doubts that arise in the face of any unexpected change in our state, there is nothing better than books for pregnant first-time mothers. All these things one can learn by reading pregnancy magazines in Hindi

Tips during the pregnancy

We are many new mothers who swim in a sea of doubts and concerns about this new stage of our lives, so most of us take advantage of the gestation period to collect information and knowledge about pregnancy and motherhood, to help us to better understand all the changes that happen in our body, the details of delivery, planning, and even, everything we need to know about caring for babies when we already have them in our arms.

Thus, there are many manuals and pregnancy magazine in Hindi for pregnant women that you can find in the market, but which one to choose from?

Among all these publications there are books for all tastes, some are more scientific and others, on the other hand, are written in a fun and entertaining way.

Every pregnant woman would like to feel still attractive and well-groomed. Sometimes pregnancy ailments make the feeling of attractiveness drop to almost zero. It is also difficult sometimes to force a special attention to beauty, when in the first weeks of pregnancy, tiredness causes almost falling asleep standing in the following months, extra kilograms, aching back, swollen ankles, and heartburn lead to the expectant mother not leaving the house. A moment of relaxation and time devoted to taking care of beauty will also be useful for those future mothers who “bloom” during pregnancy: they get better skin, thicken their hair, and shine their eyes.

However, it is worth to find time for yourself and slow down a bit. Beauty treatments and taking care of beauty both in the living room and in the comfort of the home greatly improve the mood, relax and allow you to gain energy before delivery and full duties for the first weeks of care for the newborn baby.

Many beauty salons offer special treatments for pregnant women. If the pregnancy is going well, you can use almost a full range of minimally invasive and manual procedures. Visits to the cosmetician should start from the second trimester, so that the child has the least contact with chemicals in the first weeks of pregnancy. It is forbidden to use for treatment preparations with retinol, caffeine, strong aromatic oils, algae and acids. Pregnant woman can not undergo treatments using electricity and ultrasounds, laser hair removal and use the sauna, cry chamber or solarium.

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